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President’s Message

On behalf of the District of Columbia Dental Hygienists’’ Association which is a constituent of the American Dental Hygiene Association I want to welcome you all to the profession of dental hygiene.

This year the DCDHA executive Board had many conference calls and will complete additional calls to complete our strategic plan for the coming year. This plan is the culmination of hard work of a diverse group of dental hygienists in the District of Columbia to evaluate, where we are as a profession in the District, what are our challenges and the challenges facing our community as they relate to oral health care and what our vision for the future is for our profession and the community we serve. I am fortunate to be a part of this process. The process is what I encourage you to become a part of.

Over the next 20 to 40 years you will practice your profession. You will serve the public, which is your charge as a licensed health care professional, and you and your families will be rewarded emotionally and financially for the fruits of your labors as you serve your patients and the community. Those rewards will be multiplied exponentially if you become a part the process; volunteering, organizing and leading your profession and the dental community. This can be by volunteering in charitable dental activities, volunteering to serve at continuing dental education meetings or serving as a leader of your local, regional or national dental hygiene organization. As you move through the world of your profession the more you serve the greater will be your opportunities. You become the instrument of change. You move from the passive position of an observer who cannot affect change, to become a participant, shaping your own future, your patients, and the future of your family, your community and your profession.

The rewards you will receive far exceed those listed as membership benefits such as continuing education, group insurance, business development and legislative advocacy. They will include life-long friendship and professional colleagues that cannot be quantified. It is no accident that the most successful, accomplished and happy dental hygienists are those that are the most involved in some way with their professional organization. Get involved in something in organized dental hygiene that you feel passionate about: volunteer in charitable dental hygiene activities, volunteer in dental hygiene continuing education or dental hygiene leadership activities.
There is no doubt in my mind that all of us are passionate about our profession, our dental community, and our futures.

Welcome to DCDHA.
Jill Grassmick, RDH
DCDHA President

©2015 DC Dental Hygienists Association

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